Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clean up Beaufort Pics

A few weeks back we held a clean up day in our little town of Beaufort NC. I got with the Town of Beaufort and they supplied gloves and bags and they made us a flyer for the event to post around town. We all met up at the Backstreet Pub around 1030am and hung out until 1100 when everybody got there. We split the group into 2, one group on bikes would go to the Beaufort Draw bridge and pick up trash along the shoreline, the other group didn't have bikes so we rode with them to Front St. and picked up trash along the shore there. After around 45 minutes of picking up trash we all headed back to the pub for drinks, hot dogs and snacks. The turnout was amazing!! There wasn't any free giveaways, promotions, publicity only the sure satisfaction of doing your part to help the environment. I brought along my wife and three year old son Mason. He was so excited to help clean up, watching him picking up trash made me feel warm inside. One the way home after cleaning up he spotted trash and he pointed it out and told us it was bad and we should pick it up. I was glad to meet new people from our county that cared about the place they call home!! I hope we can do similar events in the future and meet again.

I give many thanks to all who gave part of their day to help clean our beautiful town! You guys were awesome!!!


Mike Bridges